About the Author

Everything has been written by the same hand.
Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist.


AGE: 21


 Girl | Caitlyn Siehl

“Girl, bite. Girl, devour. Girl, don’t forgive.
Girl, stay angry. Girl, be selfish. 
Girl, walk away from him when he raises his hand.
There is no place that can handle you,
but you must go anyway, to the hills,
the mountains, the cities.
They’ll call you monster, 
and they’ll be so right. 
Girl, show them. 
Girl, run your hands along the
wound and seal it with your 
heat. Cauterize.
They thought they could get to you.
They thought they could take you
and make you small.
There may be bruises but you are
no little thing.
Girl, show them your claws.
Show them your wings. 
Show them your army of injuries
who have come to fight.
Show them the others like you. 
Take over the city. Own the mountains. 
Bite the hand and the one
behind their back with all the good stuff.
Girl, show your teeth.
Never forget what you can do with them.” 


I am living, loving and learning. I will persist until I succeed in everything I want to achieve, to be whomever I wanted to be. I know my dreams and I’ll follow it. I strongly believe, that there is no such thing as a unlucky day, it’s just that, I was luckier yesterday that I thought I’m unlucky today. 🙂

If there are things that I am sure that I love… it’s …

My Sisters. -> Lorena and Rosario.



-My sisters are the coolest persons alive after our parents. Actually, I’ve thought about putting my parents in this list… but isn’t that already a given thing? I love my family with all my heart… and food comes next. 🙂

-No matter how much pain I feel, tired, sad or even worse… suicidal… I always forget my negative feelings in front of good food and good company… 🙂 I always remember what my mother told me… Never frown or have ill feelings in front of food cos God is with us during our meals. 🙂

-One of the things I live by when it comes to food and getting fat is… I’d rather be fat and full than be thin and hungry. Rather than being worried about not fitting in my old jeans… I’d just buy a bigger one. Working out is also an option? 🙂

-I hate lists… where everyone knows who comes first and who comes last — does it really matter? For me, I don’t particularly care if I am last on the list… as long as I am on the list. And I can’t be out on the list now, can I? 🙂

-My Hobbies-

-Taking Pictures of clouds and lands and beaches. Environment.

-I like taking pictures of sunsets better than sunrise though. I love sunsets because it means that the day has finally ended. I’ve read in “The Little Prince” that when a person is sad, one learns to love the sunset. I think, I understand that.  But recently, I am appreciating the sunrise more. I realized, as much as I love the sunset… I love sunrises too. Because that would mean that the dark night has passed and it promises another chance. So, I just hate night time. Because it’s cold and it’s dark.

-“I don’t want them to change me in there.  Turn me into some kind of monster that I’m not.”

The Hunger Games, Peeta-

-For all the people that took care of me this past 21 years… please continue doing so. In return, I will give it my best to live a happy life. I love you guys. I will do my best to not turn my back on the people who ask for my help. I won’t turn into someone unrecognizable.



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