Take the call. #orangeurneighborhood

As part of my 16-days of Activism, I will post today’s call against Gender based Violence (GBV)

According to European Institute for Gender Equality or EIGA,  Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence that is directed against a person on the basis of gender. It constitutes a breach of the fundamental right to life, liberty, security, dignity, equality between women and men, non-discrimination and physical and mental integrity.

On that note, I will add Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders or LGBT as genders as well. They are, after all, the first victims of it. Rape, Domestic Violence, Bullying, discrimination lurks everywhere for them.

As today is the International day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, UN decided to launch the ORANGE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD campaign it calls us to UNITE TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. It has the same call as Paint the town Red. To show your support to their cause, you must change your profile picture on your social network site such as facebook, twitter and instagram then add in the hashtag #orangeurneighborhood to the caption.

It has to start with us, girls, women, we have to learn how to say something… let’s practice saying NO and live it. In my 22 years of existence, I’ve already met men who are as disgusting as dog poo. Some beat my friends for choosing to be themselves, some I’ve watched on TV  or read on some tabloid about some man who raped his own niece/daughter/granddaughter not just once or twice but multiple times and even impregnating them which is downright sick. If they refuse they get beaten, if they agree they would still get beaten up. WHAT’S UP WORLD!


I’ve met a lot of perverts during my days of working in the night shift, drunkards and stoned men have their reasons because well, they are drunk or stoned or drunk and stoned. But what about those who KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING? I mean, completely sane?

The government would commit to the international community that they wouldn’t tolerate Gender Based Violence in their respective countries but no action can be seen from the government.

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TAKE THE CALL. That’s all I’m saying. For today.

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