I feel bad for my blog. I didn’t even realize that it’s been another year! 😦


It’s been 3 years since that fateful day in Batangas where I signed up in WordPress and written my first blog post. This is supposed to be a blog for my Youth Group but it became my personal advocacy blog.

It had it’s ups and downs. Especially because I’m still inexperienced about life but still… there were times that really made me happy about my blog.

I, Maria Karol P. Hernandez, a resident of the Philippines, of legal age, single, depose and say that;

I am the proud author of this blog You’re not supposed to be here! since 2011.

That this blog is my pride and joy and that this blog is the reason that I got an account of what happens in terms of my personal advocacy.

This blog made me realize things about myself that I haven’t even learned.

There is nothing more.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to this day of 23rd June at Manila, Philippines.


Maria Karol P. Hernandez


I am currently in a line of work that I love. I really love talking to people. I just realized that. After being in Customer Service for 4 years, I realized that I really love listening to people’s stories and lives. Not for the gossip but just for the heck of it. I love empathizing with people and making them feel that they can rely on me and to be the best person that they could approach if they need anyone. I want to be the person they could depend on but not on personal matters.

I learned that I really hate people who wouldn’t do WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. It pisses me to no end to realize that they get the same salary as I do (or worse, MORE) and they’re not doing what they are supposed to do. Just keep in line will ya?

I am very thankful for my readers and I hope you will keep on reading my blog. Till internet shut us down! Love ya!


with all my love,