[SPOTLIGHT] (HRVCB) Now… what?

Awesome Wednesday everyone!

Here we are with another blog post for the Human Rights Victims Claims Board. Today, I’ll discuss about what will happen after you file your application.

a) The Board will evaluate each individual claim and decide on eligibility to receive monetary reparations.

b) The preliminary list of eligible claimants will be published to give opportunity for the filing of opposition and/or appeal.

c) The final list of eligible claimants will be published after all oppositions and/or appeal have been resolved.

d) The monetary award per claim will be determined within thirty (30) days from the final list of HRVV’s has been posted

There you go, that’s basically what is going to happen once you’ve filed your application. They will post a FIRST list which could be opposed or appeal to and the FINAL list after.

Their ANGELES, PAMPANGA Caravan ended as a success last night. Although, according to them, they had difficulties controlling the amount of applicants and FIXERS that is asking forP300.00 as payment for the APPLICATION FORM. Once more people, THE FORMS ARE FREE! FREE! FREE! NO CHARGE! GET IT?

Sorry, it just saddens me that people keeps taking advantage of the already disadvantaged. It’s nonsensical and it’s… it’s… not a good example. Is this how you want us to live? Is this the place you want us to grow up to? The environment you want us to see? Corruption at it’s finest?

The chairman of the Board, along with 2 other board members went there to help control the people and they weren’t able to leave until late at night. An emergency help team were dispatched earlier yesterday to help the intake process.

By the way, the BLOG LIST for their CARAVAN is UPDATED. You can check out where they will go HERE.

And call for the one’s whose area is close to LUCENA. HRVCB or the HUMAN RIGHTS VICTIMS CLAIMS BOARD will be there NEXT MONDAY, June 16 and 17 at Bulwagang Kalilayan Provincial Capitol Compound Quezon Ave., Lucena City.

Don’t forget to bring in your ORIGINAL documents along with a PHOTOCOPY of your documents. Your affidavits should be NOTARIZED already for FASTER processing. And note that the board will only need ONE COPY of your AFFIDAVIT so if you are planning to have it notarized, only prepare one copy for us.

They’ve had reports of a FIXER that gives out copies of TORTURE CLAIM from HAWAII for a promise of 10% of how much they’ll get from the board once they’ve claimed. I’m telling you now, DON’T BELIEVE FIXERS! IF THEY’RE NOT FROM HRVCB, THEY CANNOT HELP YOU!



1. The documents that you would submit would temporarily stay at the care of HRVCB at the time of processing and would later be permanently transferred to a memorial, museum or library. If you want to keep your original documents, you can submit the certified copy of this. You can certify it on site with the Officer of the Day.

2. Direct or Indirect commission of fraud or any other collusion, falsification, misrepresentations of facts, or any other kind of anomaly in the accomplishment of this form, or in obtaining any benefit under this application shall be subject to CRIMINAL ACTION punishable by 8-10 years imprisonment and other accessory penalties as provided for under Republic Act No. 10368, Sec. 25.