Woah! It’s Hey Monday again~

I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad anymore though. More on the tired but happy side, I guess.

It’s been a week since I started my blog and it seems my passion hasn’t died down yet so I’m here again to tell you on HOW TO PROVE that you or the one you’re claiming for is an HRVCB claimant alright?

As I have said on my previous blog post, you need the following:

To prove the HRV, the applicant shall submit one or more of the following:

a) NSO-issued or local death certificate (If the HRV is deceased);

b) Warrant of arrest, seizure orders (PDA, PCO, ASSO), mission order and other similar documents (If the person has been detained: There is a MOA that has been signed by officials to provide a copy of these documents should they be available);

c) Certification by custodial government agencies on the fact of detention, carpeta, police blotter, NBI files, release papers and other similar documents;

d) Doctor’s affidavit, medico-legal, autopsy or pathology certificate or report, and other similar documents (These also includes Medical Documents whether you underwent psychological therapy);

e) Declassified documents from the Department of National Defense and other government agencies;

f) Court records;

g) Original or duly certified lawyer’s records;

h) Photographs with affidavit of proper authentication;

i) Sworn statement of two (2) co-detainees or two (2) persons who have personal knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the HRV;

j) Secondary sources of information from reliable sources may be presented such as church/non-government organization report, books documenting HRVs, news clippings or other similar documents;

k) Other documents and evidence attesting the occurrence of the incident and violations or that may be required for the award of any reparation.

As it says, ONE or more of the following. This is your supporting documents so that the application could be verified. As long as the violation has happened during the time of Martial Law or even before that (there are cases submitted that an illegal detention was considered okay for application even if it happened before Martial Law was declared as long as they can prove that it is for the PREPARATION for it and it is a continuing offense/detention up during Martial Law)

My advise is to bring ALL of your DOCUMENTS with regards to Martial Law, just to be on the safe side. Don’t you think it would be easier to decide if the facts are staring at their faces? Anyway, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have these documents or if you’ve lost it. We can’t help moving or getting flooded, getting nabbed or worse houses burnt to the ground along with our files so in that regards, as long as you can find 2 disinterested persons who knew about what happened and the violations or co-detainees that can make an affidavit in support to your claim, that’s good enough.

By the way, the BLOG LIST for their CARAVAN is UPDATED. You can check out where they will go HERE.

And call for the one’s whose area is close to PAMPANGA. HRVCB or the HUMAN RIGHTS VICTIMS CLAIMS BOARD will be there TODAY , June 9 and 10 at Angeles City Session Hall from 8am to 5pm.



1. The documents that you would submit would temporarily stay at the care of HRVCB at the time of processing and would later be permanently transferred to a memorial, museum or library. If you want to keep your original documents, you can submit the certified copy of this. You can certify it on site with the Officer of the Day.

2. Direct or Indirect commission of fraud or any other collusion, falsification, misrepresentations of facts, or any other kind of anomaly in the accomplishment of this form, or in obtaining any benefit under this application shall be subject to CRIMINAL ACTION punishable by 8-10 years imprisonment and other accessory penalties as provided for under Republic Act No. 10368, Sec. 25.