[SPOTLIGHT] (HRVCB) No Fees! No Fees! No Fees!

Dear Saturday, I miss you when it’s Sunday and actually, everyday.

Anyway, on to my blog post for today. Did you guys know that HRVCB is only in operations since May 12th of this year and yet they already have FIXERS issues?

That’s right. The things people do for money. They have received several complaints from the claimants that they were asked for processing fees for travel and expense allowances to process their claims since they are from the province and some fake papers or notarization of multiple papers when in fact, the claims board just needs one and provide FREE notarization from their own group of lawyers.

So, in that note, I will repeat what they need:

1 application form

1 notarized sworn statement

2 government issued ID

  • Passport
  • Pag-Ibig

those three are examples of government IDs that they can submit a photocopy of. As long as when they file their claim, they bring their IDs with them so that the HRVCB’s paralegals can check it as faithful reproduction of the original.

Supporting documents are needed to verify that you are an HRVCB claimant. So that your case would have a weight. You can submit just the three documents and they will key in your application BUT if you think about it, if there is no basis for your claim aside from your words, then the board would have nothing to base your claim for and that’s why they ask for at least 2 person’s affidavit (duly notarized, of course) who can testify for your claim.

Their Application form and Affidavit form is FREE and DOWNLOADABLE from their website and on-site. You can reproduce it as much as you want to provide for the other claimants.

They are in the process of making a TAGALOG/VISAYA/ILOKANO version for the intake process as of yet. But if you’re discouraged by the English terms, the staff is willing to guide you through understanding and in some cases, write what you want to say. You can write your affidavit or SINUMPAANG SALAYSAY in the vernacular. Because, the one’s who’ll read it are Filipinos as well. As long as they understand it, the affidavit is good.

Okay, so for final check and clarification, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING. Application is free, the forms are free, they haven’t sent out anyone yet in provinces and even then THERE WOULD BE NO PROCESSING FEES!

By the way, the BLOG LIST for their CARAVAN is UPDATED. You can check out where they will go HERE.

And call for the one’s whose area is close to PAMPANGA. HRVCB or the HUMAN RIGHTS VICTIMS CLAIMS BOARD will be there on June 9 and 10 at Angeles City Session Hall from 8am to 5pm.



1. The documents that you would submit would temporarily stay at the care of HRVCB at the time of processing and would later be permanently transferred to a memorial, museum or library. If you want to keep your original documents, you can submit the certified copy of this. You can certify it on site with the Officer of the Day.

2. Direct or Indirect commission of fraud or any other colllusion, falsification, misrepresentations of facts, or any other kind of anomaly in the accomplishment of this form, or in obtaining any benefit under this application shall be subject to CRIMINAL ACTION punishable by 8-10 years imprisonment and other accesory penalties as provided for under Republic Act No. 10368, Sec. 25.