[SPOTLIGHT] (HRVCB) Until When can you procrastinate?

Here we go!

It’s MAYDAY FRIDAY everyone!

Have you had a good lunch yet? Well… I haven’t. My current job right now doesn’t give me the opportunity to take a break BUT… I love it. Anyway, there are less people in this region to serve. Hmmm.

Alright, so onto my blog for today. I will tell you, until when can YOU (the claimant) procrastinate.

It has long been established that we have the “FILIPINO TIME” although, personally, I don’t tolerate this because being on time shows respect for other people’s time but… we have to make do and the Filipinos have the personality to adjust so we don’t really do anything about it until it’s become a trend.

The last I checked with the Board, there are only 300+ claimants that have submitted their application since the board started last May 12th. It is so far from the expected 10,000+ number of victims that was documented by the Commission on Human Rights. Why though? The Board would only wait until November 10, 2014. Please don’t wait until November 9th or worse, file it on November 11th? It doesn’t go that way you see.

The filing for application officially started last May 12, 2014 and will end on November 10, 2014. I will repeat it once more, the filing started on MAY 12, 2014 and will end on NOVEMBER 10, 2014.

I’ve gone and check the law on this and it is stated that it will start and end in those days. Failure to file an application on or before NOVEMBER 10, 2014 is counted as a waiver for the law. It means that it was your choice to not apply for reparation and recognition.

It is recently stated by the Board, that even people subjected to ILLEGAL DETENTION before Martial Law would be able to apply for reparation and recognition as long as the claimant is still in detention on the duration of the Martial Law period.

By the way, the BLOG LIST for their CARAVAN is UPDATED. You can check out where they will go HERE.



1. The documents that you would submit would temporarily stay at the care of HRVCB at the time of processing and would later be permanently transferred to a memorial, museum or library. If you want to keep your original documents, you can submit the certified copy of this. You can certify it on site with the Officer of the Day.

2. Direct or Indirect commission of fraud or any other colllusion, falsification, misrepresentations of facts, or any other kind of anomaly in the accomplishment of this form, or in obtaining any benefit under this application shall be subject to CRIMINAL ACTION punishable by 8-10 years imprisonment and other accesory penalties as provided for under Republic Act No. 10368, Sec. 25.


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