Superman Departs?


How is your morning my fellow Filipinos? Had your cup of coffee yet? I did. So I am ready to start my blog for today’s date!


My sister was rushing to open her laptop today and showed me her blog — or so I thought, that is until she showed me the words INQUIRER in the search box. I couldn’t be more proud. But when I read what she said, I couldn’t help but cry as I thought, ‘So I wasn’t the only one’

Actually, I’ve mentioned it in all my blogs how I am a proud daughter of my parents and I think that what they’re doing for the country is cool and all that that I couldn’t help but envy my fellow citizens. They got my parents time and all they got for me and my sisters are dirty clothes whenever they come back. Of course there’s the occasional chocolates but… we don’t care about that anymore.

As I grow old, I realized that time is more important than chocolate and that life seems too short not to spend it with the people you love and all but… I couldn’t ask them to stop doing what they love right? That would be too selfish of me and selfishness is a big no-no if you are a human rights advocate.

My life have been influenced by them mostly and I sometimes wonder how that is since they’re seldom at home. 1 week here and the next on another and we couldn’t complain about it. It’s been a running joke in the family how my mom is a jet setter and that she’s lucky to have seen the world as well as recognized but… sometimes I think that the downside of that is… I don’t even know what my mom’s favorite dish is.

What’s her favorite color?

Those questions might be trivial to some but… I guess that just shows how poor we really are. I hate pity partying especially if I’ve organized it myself but… sometimes, I want to be selfish to the world and wished that my parents would say NO for once to the people that would ask for their presence just so … 

There… my mom’s asking for the computer now so she could read her emails. Okay, I’d just let you read what my youngest sister has to say and I can say that this goes for me and my eldest sister too.


Till next time!


with all my love


Maria Karol Pescante Hernandez



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