The 19th.


My trainer is the one dressed in yellow… And my best friend is obviously the one wearing black like me. 🙂

I sooooooooo hated my boss that day cos he forced me to go to work when I still have a PAID LEAVE I can use.

I yelled at him before the shift starts and tried to be aloof after the shift ends. My outburst clearly means that that day meant sooooo freaking much for me.

For 364 days a year I wake up waiting for that day and I even asked nicely for 5 weeks  prior before that day.

You wanna know the reason why I hated him? Cos he’s bloody sarcastic! That’s why! He apologized without looking apologetic… I could have let it go but no… He had to rub into my face that because I used one of my leave (which I explained that I had a fever) I can’t use one more (he used a different excuse that morning and reasoned, “our attendance as a team us declining we can’t afford anymore absent” to which I retaliated “I asked for today for 5 weeks prior and as fr the absents, they didn’t even asked you if they can file a leave! They just did” and as for the reason he gave me that I took a leave (when I had a fever) I shouted to him an apology, “well sorry for being sick that day. Had I known you are going to hold that against me I would have gone even if it killed me.”)

Bad blood. I don’t care now. It would be convenient for us both the sooner I leave. Why? Cos he’s driving me to insanity! I am awake at night and is basically ruining myself but no, he had to add to my anxiety. Well hell! I already thought that I need therapy with all this snapping at people that I kept doing and he had to add more? Such headache.

Sorry if I ranted. I was supposed to post something happy but… Yeah, if you have felt what I felt that day..  If you were EXACTLY me that day..   But that’s tit for tat now.. 

Breathe…. Breathe…

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