I’m loving this read #RememberML@40

Day 68 –> 20 Me!


Let me share this another article to you entitled:

Sa kabataang di nakatikim ng Martial Law (at naligtas sa pangulong napasarap ng upo)


(Translation: To the youth who didn’t went through Martial Law (and was saved from a president who got comfortable in his position) *please ignore my ignorance in translation)

I hope you, my dear reader, can understand our language, cos if you do, this article will enlighten you!

No kidding!

I don’t know why but his strong words got to me.

He started with the words:

Noong mga araw na iyon, ang presidente parang hari.

(During that time, a president is like a king)

Hindi lang sinusunod, sinasamba. Hindi lang kinakampihan, kinatatakutan.

(Not just followed, worshiped. Not just sided, redoubted)


Like a story. Like a very truthful story. It made me want to read more.

So I did.

I learned that he ruled for 21 years — more than one of the most HATED and Rallied ex president of MY GENERATION, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who only ruled for 9 years — like a cat’s life.

I learned that in his time, leaders such as Ninoy Aquino and Pepe Diokno were lucky that the world knew they were taken as captive by the government because they went AGAINST the government. But the real tragedy happened to those whom the media failed to mention.

The unnamed, unsung and unknown heroes — or so they were called today.

they were tortured — in unthinkable and demonic ways possible, electricution is one. I couldn’t imagine walking in the streets saying something that is “wrong” and being electrecuted for it. There is no such thing as freedom of expression.

Truth be told, this article had as much pros and antis. they confuse me again, but this time, my choice is to believe the author.

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