It’s like this #RememberML@40

day 68 –> 20 Me!


I’m going to share this to you.

(by Manix Abrera)_

This is EXACTLY how we see it.

You remember stories and — we don’t get it.


You say, “Never again to Martial Law” and we’re like, “oh my God! Check out my crush’s facebook status!!! It changed from in a relationship to SINGLE!!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!!” — we don’t know which one’s more important.

Social Life or Social Life!

Social Life and Social Life are two different social life of course.

One involves everyone and the other one is personal.

Heck! you can ask a Filipino youth as to what “subversive” meant and s/he’ll either give you a dictionary referenced version or refer you to Google — I’d go for Google.



I was lucky enough to understand why a song when it said , “Hindi pula’t dilaw tunay na magkalaban”(Red and Yellow aren’t the real enemies) without literally thinking of colors.

I’d bet, 90 % of youth today didn’t get that but just sang the song anyway cos it’s popular.

“The figurative meaning yields more to the word “pyramid.” It refers to the eternal pyramid where the many poor people form the base and the few rich people are kept on top of the society. It tells how the wealthy and influential have their unfair advantage over the needy and impoverished. And the song calls for someone to reverse the pyramid and place the poor on top.”

Read more: What is the meaning of the song tatsulok? | Answerbag



Here’s the video of it.

by bamboo

Boy, make it fast, run faster

avoid all the bombs aimed at your head

boy jump, duck (dumapa is more like lying down on your belly but the song is more like military terms) if necessary

you might be hit by stray bullets

boy, listen, don’t stay out late

you might be mistaken for something else and you’ll stay in a corner (somehow implies you’ll be beaten up)

boy do you know the root of it all and where it will end

this never ending chaos?


Red and yellow aren’t the ones who really are fighting

The color and brand isn’t the reason

As long as there are people who are drowning in poverty

Justice is only for the rich


As long as there’s a triangle and they’re the ones on top

This chaos won’t stop

Save the breaths of a lot of people

The small fields before are cemeteries now

boy, move, and invert the triangle

Like the poor, you put them on top

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

[repeat Chorus]

This chaos won’t stop.

(translator apologizes for the bad translation — even if it’s good. Not me by the way, I just took this from a forum… but it’s pretty much right)



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