The youth of today needs YOU #RememberML@40

Day 67 –> 20 Me!


I keep on reading articles related to Martial Law through the internet and found this;

The article is short but well versed.
Simple. Yes, but it spoke the truth.
But what really got to me was the last part where the author said, “People forget so easily, but perhaps it’s up to us—the youth of that time—to remember for everyone else.”
I don’t know, I was the YOUTH OF THIS TIME so I don’t know.
‘to remember for everyone else,’ she says, so, do you, the youth of that time, just remember? How about, you remember and share?
Just a thought.
I’m not against the author or anything or for those who tells me to remember Martial Law, cos for me, there’s nothing to remember nor to forget since I haven’t really been there.
Well, I think it’s a given that kids love stories, and that doesn’t exclude us.
I, for one loves listening to stories and I’d love it — as I’m sure, the youth of this time like me will too, to hear your stories.
True stories, boring stories, exaggerated stories — you name it, as long as it’s the truth this time, we’ll listen to it.
Because, you, cannot lie to us now.
We, the youths of this time, deserve the truth — no matter how painful, no matter how scared we get, no matter if it seems like we do not care  — cos truth be told, we do.
Sometimes, doing blogrolls such as this depicts that we care. Even if we can’t say it to you face to face, we are too ashamed.
we need it. for future references or whatnot. do us this favor just once. the truth please. now.

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