You confuse me #RememberML@40

Day 66 –> 20 Me!


The well bred contradict other people, the wise contradict themselves. – Oscar Wilde

I don’t understand.

Since the beginning of my blogroll, I’ve been asking myself and my readers the same thing. Who’s right?

The side which says Marcos was right or the side which says Marcos was wrong?

I’ve been reading these articles simultaneously — don’t ask me how long it took to finish them.

To young Filipinos who never knew Martial Law and dictatorship

Masagana 99, Nutribun, and Imelda’s ‘edifice complex’ of hospitals

Bagong Lipunan’, the Metrocom, and my other memories of Martial Law

and some other articles and they all lead me to the same thing… confusion.

Why? read them! All of these articles say good things at first and then say otherwise in the end.

So, my conclusion of Martial law is this:

It started out as good that turned bad.

Like one of my favorite animes, Death note, the protagonist of the story who wanted to “serve justice” to all criminals found a way through writing the criminals name in a piece of parchment called the death note then poof! the criminal dies.

the protagonist had good goals, he wants a world with no crime and find justice for the families and loved ones of the people that had damage to their loved ones and got nothing more than 2 or 3 years in jail then bail or worse, acquittal.

He wanted to change the world, but of course, power changes people, he did not became arrogant or something, but he thought that ONLY HIM can change the world and greediness of power, well, pretty much killed him in the end.


Greed — in all forms, is a sin.

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