I don’t know what to say no more. #RememberML@40

Day 65 –> 20 Me!


My dad told me that what I’ve been posting on my blog is already known and written and can be accessed through the internet — Well, for those who thinks the same way my dad is, I’ll give you the explanation I gave him. :0

1.  I started this blog for myself and for the other youths out there who didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t understand the relevance of Martial Law in our life.

First of all, it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past our generation. It’s the past, what good would it do for someone to dwell and reminisce them? Why do we have to remember?? or in our case, know about this??

2. I made this blog for the Martial Law generation to reminisce and share their thoughts and ideas. I want both generations to clash here and give and take informations and ideas (which, by the way, I’m failing cos of various reasons that’s so hard to explain since I can’t say it myself cos its so embarassing.)

3. I made this  blogroll for those who are not Filipinos and has the smallest interest in the Philippines.

To them, this is just a small country, no different than any other small countries. I want them to know of this infamous history of the Philippines so that they’d know, this country, no matter how little it is, cannot be belittled nor taken too lightly.

4. I want everyone to realize how we are today. How they were before. What has changed. If there were, what are they, if there’s none, why so?

5. I don’t know what to say no more.


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