Happy 95th Birthday Pres. Marcos. #RememberML@40

Day 64 –> 20 Me!


This morning, I woke up with the morning news blabbering their usual news of hold ups, kidnaps, robbery and other crimes.. but what made me double back to the television is the news that today is the 95th birthday of Marcos.

In Ilocos, from where he was born, they are celebrating it… while for the rest of the Philippines  (I think) were commemorating Martial Law.

They have this


and this

Wreath laying ceremony honors late President Marcos’ Birthday

While most (I think) did not join them.

I visited Marcos’s house just this year where his body is preserved in a coffin and can be viewed by the public.

It’s just a house. Filled with all the mementos of that year…

Let me show you.


This and



The next pictures would be with my sisters (well, I couldn’t have made it there alone now. 🙂 )

My youngest sister, the engineer. Ignore her.


Ignore my eldest sister but notice what’s behind her… 🙂


And well, I can’t entirely be out of the picture now can I?

Well, don’t ignore me now.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures inside the place where we found Marcos’s remains… but I’ll tell you this, it was cold inside there and it has this background music and the lighting that made me ask if he’s “God” well, it gives off that aura. Although, if that’s what they’re aiming for, I’m totally against it.

To this day, the Marcos family are still asking for a Hero’s burial for Marcos, like what they did to other former presidents and for his body to be rested in the Hero’s cemetery. That’s their aim… has been their aim… and aiming still.

I think I understand a fair few now but I’m still having problems. There are parts of history that internet couldn’t take me and it’s been making me irritated a lot.

So if you, my beloved reader have anything to say, please feel free to do so. 🙂

I’ll be waiting… and waiting.. and waiting.


2 thoughts on “Happy 95th Birthday Pres. Marcos. #RememberML@40

    1. Salamat po at pasensya na…
      Hindi na po ako nakaabot sa nutribun… patay na rin si Marcos nung ipanganak ako… Lahat nga po ng alam ko nalaman ko lang sa internet… mahirap kasi maghagilap ng data — wala na. 🙂

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