The Rebellion #RememberML@40

Day 62 –> 20 Me!


10th Video


Uploaded by  on Nov 28, 2011

This video is not Marcos propaganda, read the title, its all about what media is not telling us. After 25 years, it is now obvious that Cory administration is more violent with more journalist dead in her 6 year term compared to Marcos’ 20 years. She also suffered 8 coup attempts which is a reflection of her administrations rampant corruption.

The MASS MEDIA, especially AbsCbn and Inquirer, is doing their best to cover up the incompetencies of the new Aquino president. Pretty much the same with what they did to Cory’s presidency. This video will show FACTS that mass media is trying to silence through the years.

This video is a RE-UPLOAD since the powers that be hacked and removed it recently from Youtube. Proof that someone or some group is trying to HIDE the truth. Please spread the message: Marcos is the least suspect in the Ninoy assassination and that only 2% of the 1986 philippine population attended EDSA People Power. Lets end filipino ignorance, it ends NOW.

Any copyrighted material that may appear herein are properties of their respective owners. Copyright infringement not intended. We invoke U.S. copyright law of FAIR USE. For educational and information dissemination purpose only. Not intended for any commercial purposes

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This Filipino Visual artpiece is created, authored and directed by a conservative Filipino citizen, residing in the Philippines. The director/author/owner of the video does not intend to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate his fellow Filipinos or any particular Filipino individual. We are not promoting hatred, violence and discrimination towards our own race. Nor do we promote stereotyping and denigration against any Filipino Individual.

The objective of the director/author/owner of the video is to promote an intelligent and civilized discussion about rectifying the flawed provisions of the Philippine’s 1987 Constitution. Provisions that promote a protectionist government where only a few number of rich families benefit while the entire populace of the Philippines is mired in POVERTY, MEDIOCRITY and constant SUFFERING.

The opinion of the director/author/owner of the video is similar to the opinion of a growing number of disillusioned Educated and Enlightened Filipinos who simply wants to elevate their quality of life and get rid of poverty in our country once and for all by freeing up the economy and attracting foreign direct investments that brings job opportunities to the people. The 1987 constitution is responsible for restricting progress in the Philippines for 25 years. The 1987 Constitution must be rectified. This rectification movement must be supported by the people. But first, the people must be informed. Hence the very PURPOSE OF THIS VIDEO.

This is not Hate Speech. This is not Racial Vilification. We appeal to Youtube administration to understand the political and economic situation of our country the Philippines and the benefit we will get by informing the public.(Video owner)




I’ve decided to make this the last video even when I’ve watched it even before I made this blog commitment.

Because this is what makes me rethink the most.

It shows here that Marcos was a great leader whilst I’ve just learned that he is not so.

Some tell me he’s good and great, some tell me that he is the reincarnation of the devil himself.


Please, we need explanation. We are young and ignorant — it’s the truth so don’t tell us otherwise. You know we know nothing and still insist that we do. That’s when problem arises. When you let us think what we should not be thinking.

Most videos that I’ve watched are the untold stories. UNTOLD. UNTOLD. UNTOLD.

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