The Rebellion #RememberML@40

Day 61 –> 20 Me!


9th Video.

Uploaded by  on Aug 18, 2010

This is a fictitious account of the last days of the Martial Law era in our country.. I am featuring the opening scenes, which incorporates actual TV shots of those crucial exciting days in our country when People Power took over the helm of destiny steering the country’s expurgation of strongman Ferdinand Marcos. Remember, this is just a fictitious account,, an exercise in movie making..It might stir some old sentiments about those days in 1986..

The opening scene shows the last interview of Ninoy, then a fictional version of his assasination, by suspect Galman.

. The story revolves on an American reporter played by Gary Busey who visited Manila on an assignment on that day Aquino arrived and met his fate at the MIA ( now named after him : NAIA ) tarmac… (video owner)

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