The Rebellion #RememberML@40

Day 58 –> 20 Me!



Before I post the video. Let me wipe my tears first.

Why am I crying? cos I’ve just heard the  Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo song again.  What’s the deal in that you ask? Well, the song made me feel small.

Why you ask? Cos, I keep on asking myself where they got the courage to sing that song.

Why did the songs then are all about revolution? And why can I still read comments to videos like this?

They shouldn’t have made Marcos leave. The Philippines could be prosperous by now.

By the way, these are comments that are posted just this year.

So this is how people — Filipinos, unfortunately, are thinking now.

If it’s so good, like what they’re saying, why did people revolt against it then? Oh the irony, the good, intelligent people have died for the idiots of today (and I’m not excluding myself in this — I’m still part of the idiots at most times cos I keep on questioning the whys! You know why? Cos nobody would give me the answer.)


Ok. This is the video of the day.

A video made by a man who lived during martial law.

6th video

The reason why I chose this videos is that it has more antis than pros (comments). Could this be the truth or a lie?

tell me the answer.


this is what the author had to say to the video.

“This short presentation is about Ferdinand Marcos and Martial Law. To those who say Marcos was great and let us have someone again like him, were not there or probably they are the sons and daughters of some corrupt government official, Marcos Loyalist during Marcos’s time. It is not surprising that Marcos still have supporters today, Adolf Hitler have Neo-Nazis of today. It is also not surprising that these Marcos supporters could not even deliver a comment comprehensible enough to be understood and I believe they are living in a surreal time thinking that Martial Law was a happy time to be in. They are but a pathetic, foul mouthed and dim witted creatures.

History repeats itself to those who do not learn from it. The pictures on the presentation are real and facts are taken from different references readily available to all. En Wikipedia and Microsoft Encarta as neutral basis of the research – not on conjectures, only facts.

The Martial Law Story is a simple story the triumph of good of the Filipino and the evil of Marcos’s Martial Law. I was 8 y.o. when Martial Law was declared, 19 y.o. when Ninoy was gunned down at the Manila International Airport and 21 y.o. when EDSA 1986 came. The people in my generation will agree with me because they were there too. We ourselves saw it happen and unfolded.

And we won our freedom. Our freedom which the generation of today enjoy and might be lost if the generation of tomorrow will be reckless and unthinking.”

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