What year is it now? #RememberML@40

Day 54 –> 20 Me!


Do you know what year is it now?

Well, we all know it’s 2012. But more than that… this is one of the years of computer.

To give you a more specific idea, let’s just say I’m using my mobile right now to type this blog post.

we are freely expressing our ideas through our blogs. We are not wrong nor are we right. we just say what’s on our minds and BAM! posted!

During Martial Law, I’d bet that only a few if not none at all from the Philippines knew about blogging.

That time, people are still using keyboard in typing mews articles if not computers already.

Here you might ask, what is the point of mentioning all of this. Well, as I have clearly posted, 40 years have passed… many Presidents have been elected, evicted and gone after Marcos…

but the trouble and fear Martial Law has left us is still there.

In all rallies you will see, there will always be a…


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