The man who can’t be moved. #RememberML@40

Day 52 –> 20 Me!


We all know him as the guy from the 500 peso bill. But more than that… there is a hero. Who did more than fight for his country and people but died for it.

His name is …



Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.

(November 27, 1932 – August 21, 1983)

He was a Filipino Senator and a former Governor of Tarlac. Aquino, together with Gerry Roxas and Jovito Salonga, formed the leadership of the opposition to the Marcos regime in the years leading to the imposition of martial law in the Philippines.

In 1973 he was arrested and incarcerated for 7 years, but was allowed to depart for the United States to seek medical treatment after he suffered a heart attack in 1980.

He was later assassinated at the Manila International Airport upon returning home from exile in the United States in 1983. His death catapulted his widow, Corazon Aquino, into the limelight, and prompted her to run for President as a member of the UNIDO party in the 1986 elections. Manila International Airport has been renamed Ninoy Aquino International Airport in his honor, and the anniversary of his death is a national holiday in the Philippines, Ninoy Aquino Day.

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One of the Philippines’ hero…

By the way, this is his son..

The CURRENT President of the Republic of the Philippines.



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