This is how I disappear. #RememberML@40



Day 50 –> 20 Me!


Today, I ask my workmates as to what they’d do or say if I suddenly disappear. And these are their answers:


<..> I’d look for you.

<,?> Where would you go?

<~> I’d be happy because it will get quiet… but I’ll keep looking for you! Haha.. The noisier the better then!

<???> I’d ask where you are from your cousin (My cousin and I are working in the same company)

<:)> Nothing. You’d come back eventually anyway.

<koi> What if I didn’t? Like, I was kidnapped for example??

<:)> No one could kidnap you unless they tell you there’d be food! HAHAHAHA

<koi> stupid!

And that concluded my question and answer portion for them.

I guess, it’s still because they can see me.

My friend, who passed away a couple of months ago, was one of my most cheerful friends.

He was always there when I needed him the most. Even when it was late at night and I’d ask him to go to my workplace just so I could tell him a story personally, he would.

Actually, I didn’t even value him that much.

The day before he died, he texted me that it’d be soon his girlfriend’s birthday and asking me for advice. I didn’t reply to that text message though. I told myself, I’d call him tomorrow.

But, it turned out, he was stabbed in a bus that night and didn’t make it.

I was not just sad — I was beyond depression!

I missed him so much. Even as I’m typing this, my eyes is getting cloudy cos of this pitiful water in my eyes.

People, we remember them most when they’re not here. We love them most when they’re … well, gone.

My favorite anime character said, the people who left have not truly left us. They only die when the people around them forget them.

And here in Martial law, we can see the evidence.

We commemorate those who were dead and those who were missing up to this day.

They were not gone… only those who are forgotten are truly gone.


The ones we treasure the most!


(Interestingly enough, WP didn’t allow me to post this yesterday. I did disappear then. :D)

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