My Thoughts #RememberML@40

Day 45 –> 20 Me!



From August 21 to September 21. I will only be blogging about Martial Law in the Philippines as part of my contribution to #RememberML@40.

As a youth today, I am both fortunate and unfortunate to not have lived during Martial Law.

Fortunate because those were the dark days of the Philippines. There were killings , disapperances and “maltreatment to the poor” during that time. The Filipinos are not allowed to speak and be heard freely. The information coming from the media are always bright, cheerful and favors the government. They were not allowed to think. Those who think, suffered.

On the other hand, I am also unfortunate to not have lived through those days. I feel that those who survived that era are most commendable. Those who became part of the march and witnessed as the government and the church sided with the masses at long last.

The Filipinos have a very colorful history.

We have been colonized not only once, not only twice but more than thrice by the same people. Chinese by trading, Spaniards by Religion, Americans by Education, and the Japanese, well, it was during the war that they decided that the Philippines is a strategic location since we’re surrounded by water. Also, we can produce raw materials that they can use for trading or for their own personal uses. For short, military advantage. And after that, the Americans again.

The Filipinos declared independence among these colonizers one too many times by becoming one. We fought them and won. But the greatest fight that the Filipinos are supposed to be proud of is the one where we fought over our very own government — and won.

It is said that a beautiful and colorful history is better to be read in books than live through it. It’s a nightmare. An endless winter.

It’s been 40 Years since we’ve won that battle. Many people have suffered and gone, some, lost without a trace but those who are here can tell their stories. Although, we can’t always expect it to be a good one. When one remembers a nightmare, one tends to keep silent those things that are important. There are things that even when remembered are hard to voice out.

It is not easy to tell a nightmare after all… some, choose to forget it.

I want to know what happened these past 40 years. What have we learned? What has improved? Has the things that happened before left a promise of it never happening again or is this there another one in the near future? Have we Filipinos learned anything at all? Are we truly, as our deceased senator and father of our current President,  Benigno Simeon “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr once said, worth dying for?

This blog will be my documentation. This will be a proof. Someday, people will check my blog and hopefully, they’ll find and learn things that they didn’t know. I wanna tell an untold story. I wanna show the people that the YOUTH TODAY CARES and we will never know what happened until YOU tell us what happened.

We will never know how valuable this piece of information is until you tell us the MISSING PIECES of the story.

Tell us. Share to us. REMEMBER.



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