Promise me tomorrow.

Day 38 –> 20 Me!


Ugh. This past few days have been a torment — really.

I wasn’t able to go to work yesterday cos I had a very bad case of vertigo. I vomited for about 4 times within 2 hours — I thought I wouldn’t be able to get walk properly.

Another day’s salary gone.

So, in my next payday,  a thousand would be taken away from my paycheck — 2 half days and 1 absent.

That really sucks cos I’m trying to save some money to take an aptitude exam for graduate school this coming November.


What I really want to do:

I am a very lazy person. I admit.

I won’t work if I can help it. But I can’t so I am.

If I still have time to laze around, I do. I push all my works to be done until I’m nearing the deadline.

Like right now.

I have a class tomorrow so I have to study. But, since my classes won’t start until 10 am tomorrow, I still have time to review before then — where, I’ll predict as early as now that I won’t be able to do since I’ll think that I’ve wasted too much time today doing nothing.

Second, I have to finish my requirements for graduation and start collecting requirements to take the aptitude exam for graduate school and for the civil service examination too. But, as expected, when I woke up this morning around 9 in the morning, I had the feeling of not wanting to leave my bed.

Seriously, this rainy weather makes me just want to go back to bed every time! 🙂


Also, I have a bad habit of not following instructions — if I can help it.

Like the doctor’s prescription.

Someone must always be there to remind me that I need to take the medicine three times a day, twice or whenever necessary because, when no one reminds me, I don’t bother to remind myself either or doesn’t even if I DO remember it.


I know, the things I’ve confessed are worth scolding but, in my defense … oh, there’s no excuse for that, is there?

Well, I’ll just continue my confessions then.

Every payday, I tell myself that I have to be thrift and always use scratch papers to tell myself up until how much I could spend. I’ve been doing that since January this year, and right now, I only have 14.83 PHP in my account.

Not a very good start.

My schools alone in October would cost about 7000 PHP. And I’m planning to resign from work this coming end of August so it’ll take effect by the end of September.

For the whole month of October up until the first two weeks of November, I plan to start reviewing for all of my exams.

Starting December, I still haven’t figured out if I’ll let the yuletide season pass or will I start looking for work. I know most company’s would be hiring new workers cos most workers don’t like to work during holidays.

I know right? I have good plans. My real problem is EXECUTION!

Help me!

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