A Game of Thrones.

Day 34 –> 20 Me!



Well, the title says it all.

A Game of Thrones Book Collection is my new obsession.


According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, A Game of Thrones is the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of high fantasy novels by American author George R. R. Martin. It was first published on 6 August 1996. The novel won the 1997 Locus Award and was nominated for both the 1998 Nebula Award and the 1997 World Fantasy Award. The novella Blood of the Dragon, comprising the Daenerys Targaryen chapters from the novel, won the 1997 Hugo Award for Best Novella. In January 2011 the novel became a New York Times bestseller and reached #1 on the list in July 2011.

In the novel, presenting various points of view and plot-lines, Martin introduces the noble houses of Westeros, the Wall, and the Targaryen plot-line. The novel has lent its name to several spin-off items based on the novels, including a collectible card gameboard game, androleplaying game. It is also the basis for the first and second season of Game of Thrones, an HBO television series which premiered on April 17, 2011.


Although, I have yet to check out that HBO television series.

You see, I haven’t even finished the first book.

This is the first epic fantasy novel I’ve read ever! I didn’t even want to read it. Someone recommended it to me ages ago and I’ve downloaded the PDF file ages ago as well and then, I forgot all about it.

Until recently, the endless rain made me bored and I’ve decided to go back to my past time. You see, I only do three things when I’m awake — blog, read and do anything random (oh, sometimes, I work), I could have done anything and yet yesterday, I’ve decided to read.



This is the Map of the Seven Kingdoms.

The story of Song of Ice and Fire started in the North, near the wall — in the House of Stark at Winterfell where their motto is, “Winter is coming” 

“Winter is Coming” is the motto of House Stark. The meaning behind these words is one of warning and constant vigilance. The Starks, being the lords of the North, strive to always be prepared for the coming of winter, which hits their lands the hardest.

A deeper, metaphorical sense can also be found in the motto. According to George R.R. Martin, it more generally expresses the sentiment that there are always dark periods in each of our lives, and even if things are good now (“summer”), we must always be ready for a dark period when events turn against us (“winter”).

In layman’s terms, it means that bad things are coming and you should be prepared.


These are the characters of the story:

Each chapter concentrates on the third person limited point of view of a single character; the book presents the perspective of eight main characters. Additionally, a minor character provides the prologue. Chapter headings indicate the perspective.


I haven’t finished this book yet and I reckon I stopped at the “start of revelations and connection” part of the book.

I’m on Chapter 24 when all of a sudden, my tablet won’t let me read the pdf file anymore.


I guess, this is God’s way of telling me that I MUST buy the book.

Well, on my next pay day — which thankfully would come sooner than I expected, I will buy this book!


Well, actually, I wanted my mom to buy this for me first so I’ll be encouraged to buy the book instead of downloading it again but… seriously, I don’t think I need anymore encouragement.

Especially, after watching this.

and guys, check this out, South Park has done their bit for the Game of Throne craze! If Mr. Garrison is my professor, I’d never miss class.


But of course, it maybe too early to say this… but I already have my favorite character. And his name is…


This is the kid who is portraying him on HBO and damn, what a resemblance to my imaginary Bran!

He is the second child of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Stark of Winterfell, he is the most curious boy among their children and has the most humor among them as well.

Being a second child myself, I can feel a sense of camaraderie and I love his character.


There was this part before he woke up that he dreamed of a crow with three eyes while he was falling. He was at the verge of crying but the crow had told him not to cry, instead, he needs to FLY.

He was afraid, but later on, he did. He flied with his own “wings” and the crow made him look at the whole Seven Kingdoms where he was at awe at what he saw.

He also saw each member of his family with big shadows embracing each of them. To this, the crow told him that he must wake up, because, winter is coming.

And so, he did.


For now, that is all I can share with you about this book.

All I can say now is, LET’S BUY THE BOOK and finish this thing!

Last words will be spoken by Bran Stark. 🙂


It makes me want to go home.


A totally unrelated story:

This morning, the jeepney — a public vehicle here in the Philippines, that I’m riding lost it’s control over brake and the driver for us not to go directly to the river, purposely smashed the car in a parked car (which I’m very thankful was there)

Remember, these past few days there had been nonstop raining so of course, it flooded here. Not to mention, high tide. So when our driver realized that the jeepney can’t drive into the flood anymore, we changed route. And just when we are nearing the exit — that so happened to be near a river, the jeepney’s brake didn’t work.

After I alighted, I saw the hood of the jeepney and it was almost flat!

The driver was yelling in pain cos both of his legs were caught in between.

The cripple who was sitting in front — did not make any reaction. Nor did I see him doing anything. (That’s bothering me right now)

All of the passengers (EXCEPT ME) was injured.

I don’t even know where they got their cuts and bruises whilst I left the scene unscathed.

It made me cry. I left the scene after a dozen people has asked me if they should take me to the hospital. After I told them I’m fine and checked myself, I left the scene walking in a direction I didn’t even know.

I can’t even remember how I got to the office. I didn’t dare ride another jeepney going there — and I still wasn’t late!

I was so thankful. It was more than being lucky — I was blessed.

I had a guardian angel.

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