Day 33 –> 20 Me!




Can’t tell you much in here…I’m stranded.





Thank God I don’t hve to go to work today! Because I asked for an exchange of restdays with my co worker that unfortunately turned out to be my MOST BELOVED co-worker in the office — what are the odds, right?


Now, I’m guilt-tripping.



I’m typing in my tablet… sorry for the typos



tere may not be a storm… but man, it’s raining daggers in here!!!! nonstop! And that is why, some places  don’t have electricity… I’m fortunate enough to be living in a house with electricity… but my mom, dad and sisters are experiencing worse… tey don’t have electricity… it pains me to be living like this wile they’re not.




Metro Manila is under Red Signal!

People are waving their hands in my direction as I’m watching the television! They’re in their ROOFTOPS!






I’m waiting for text in need of volunteers… I’d  put my name on that list!

—— No picture…. Can’t upload it here!



This reminds me, I’m expecting a lotof pictures from these officials… giving out food and stuffs.


I still hate them.

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