The road to being a lady.

Day 32 –> 20 Me!



Part 1.

I don’t know where to begin.

I don’t blame anyone for thinking I’m crazy cos, I am. People who are not crazy are not interesting… not even worth a second look — cos, if you think about it, they do not exist.\

Even you, my dear reader, is crazy.

Yeah. I said it.


Now, to start this blog THE ROAD TO BEING A LADY is inspired by my Facebook account.

Why? Cos I kept receiving comments like, “She’s a lesbian, isn’t she?” and “She’s crazy.”


Well, if being a lesbian means having a lot of guy friends and being too comfortable with them or loafing around, having girl friends that acts like my lover jokingly then yes, I’d admit to that.

But I’m not.

I’m not even attracted to other girls like “relationship” interest. And they can’t blame me for being like this either.

I grew with 98% of my cousins composed of guys and the last 2% girls. I grew in a city where there is an unwritten rule to learn how to defend ourselves from “the BAD GUYS” and be prepared even with our eyes closed.

I don’t even…

I don’t know where to begin.

I know how to cook, to clean after my mess, to be responsible, to love the opposite sex… but still, I don’t know, how to become a lady.

What is a lady anyway?

Anyway, another hanging question is on my mind right now… Why do I have to listen to those people?

They don’t know who I REALLY am, they don’t know what I’m REALLY capable of and why do they have so many things to say about my life when I don’t even care about theirs?? — personal, I mean. In general, I care about everyone. This is hurting my family when it doesn’t even bother me.

You see, I never cared what other people kept saying about me behind my back, I just walk anyway. But, it’s bothering the people I love and it’s getting on my last nerves.

I’d delete my Facebook account if not for my REAL friends.


How do I become a lady?

I’d like to know.

For me, I am already becoming the person that I always wanted to be, but of course, OTHER people have A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY about others — me.


Isn’t it enough to say that I’m SANE, I’m a girl and I’m YOUNG? Being YOUNG is being fickle minded meaning, I change my mind too often, if that means I’m crazy — then you clearly haven’t gone through YOUTH. I pity you.

But seriously…

Must I do something against my will or something that is very unlike me?


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