Where is the… SUN?

Day 30 –> 20 Me!


The sun hasn’t shown for ages!!!

I miss the warmth it gives me.

But, just when I thought Typhoon Gener was living the Philippines, another storm is coming.


And yeah, they call it HELEN.

And I thought Gener was destructive. It even flooded my room, remember?

Roofs flying everywhere! And trees? they were uprooted! Can you imagine that?

So, while the whole world is busy with the Olympic Games, we are like …. this:

And yeah, that’s a kid swimming in… flood.

You see it very often here in the Philippines.


Cos it’s election time again. Time to make promises to people so we’d vote for them, they’d promise another year without a flood… so they’d just let it go… and so… they can do this:



and this:


and… wait for it… this:


Even walls.

They put their faces EVERYWHERE!!!!


I’d vote for a plumber cos he’s/she’s more useful!

But no, people vote for the ACTORS and ACTRESSES. I know they’re handsome and all… but what after that? Politics and Entertainment are different!


I’ll have to register to vote next year… but how can I vote without any OPTIONS?!


The next storm is freaking me out… and it hasn’t arrived yet.

Please make the sun shine in the Philippines… in all ways! 🙂


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