Listening to things you ought not hear.

Day 29 –> 20 Me!



I asked for this.

Because I loved.

I got hurt again.

Once again… I expected that someone would love me. Throwing a line out to sea… to see if I can catch a dream.



Earlier, I heard that the guy I love is courting someone… someone I don’t know.

He was asked and he was more than happy to share the whole story. It so happens that I’m sitting opposite him.

Too painful.



My team mate told me that if I love someone… THIS TIME, don’t tell the guy how I feel.

I tend to do that.

All my crushes before, for example, whenever I feel lighthearted, I just blurt out those words, “You know I like you right? It’s the kind of like that I want to be with you.”

And this time, my male team mate told me to act like a normal girl.

Flirt with a lot of guys and make them think I like them but would turn out that I don’t care about them.


But I’m too honest for that.

How can I just change?

When I don’t like something, I say it.

When I like something, I say it.

Cos I don’t want misunderstandings to happen.

But isn’t that exactly what happened now? Maybe my crush thought that I wouldn’t like him since I always call him “big brother” like I do with all the males in the office who are older than me… cos I was raised to be polite even when unnecessary and especially to those who is not my family.



I felt like I lost love and opportunity. DAMN.

DON’T MAKE HIM FALL FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT ME LORD!! Yes, like the others in love, I’m selfish. If I let go of him easily, that means that I didn’t really like him. And, I really… really… really.. like him!


How can I make you fall?

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