A love-hate relationship with the storm.

Day 28 –> 20 Me!


Right now, I’m in a fight against a nonchalant enemy… and I hate him… and yet… I don’t.


Here’s the picture of it:


That’s typhoon Gener.

The reason for my sadness and happiness at the moment.

There are moments when I hate him.

Like the time when it made me realize that there’s a leak in my room and made it flood inside… causing all my papers — including my assignment at school and my drafts for the novel I’m writing to be unrecognizable with all the blotches of ink.

And the time when it wouldn’t let my wet clothes to get dry by making it extremely cold at night.

But I can’t hate it.

Cos there was also this time that I get to share an umbrella with my crush — and of course, we got close.

I hugged my friends to fight the cold.

My friends stand beside me when I’m sitting to block both the rain and the wind.

And this typhoon makes me realize how lucky I am to have the people in my life around me… what’s more, it makes me feel blessed that I get to sleep in a room — with all the walls intact and have a roof above my head.


Actually, I took a picture of the street children I found when I was crossing the footbridge. I was holding a take out for my sister when the wind blew stronger and it made me let go of the take out, thus, it fell to the ground. The street childrens came hurrying, hugging each other and asked me if they could have it istead since it got soaked by the rain and half of the rice is covered in mud.

I said yes of course, but I told them to not eat the muddy part, and one of the children smiled at me and said, “It doesn’t matter, Thanks!”

After, that, I left.

Unfortunately, my phone which took their photo eating that food is now in the service station for a check up. Apparently, it got soaked in the rain far too long.

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