To my dear SiSTAR!!

Day 22 –> 20 Me!


Starting today, my eldest sister and I are no longer at the same age… she’s my eldest sister again.


Let me introduce you to her.

She’s one of my sister, Maria Rosario, she just turned 21 today!

Born from Manila yet raised by my aunt and uncle in the province when she was young up till 2 years old I think cos of her health.

I was as surprised as she was I guess when we realized we’re sisters and during that time, another sister, our youngest, is already on the way.


How should I start?

My sister is awesome in so many ways.

Ok, let me just say what I love about her.

1. Cos she does whatever she likes — even if we’re against it. I guess, she knows we’ll be on her side in the end… whatever happens.


2. She’s consistent– whatever she does, she finishes it… no matter how long it takes. Unlike me, there are things that I stop doing half way just cos I wanted to and then regret it later.


3. She acts like an older sister only when she likes — well, she is but most of the time, both of us succumb to our youngest sister which is harder on her part cos  her pride is waaaaaaaaaaay above mine and yet, we just let our little sister get away with mostly anything.

4. And because she’s a damn better singer than I am! 🙂

To my Ate,

I love you so much… all of us does. Just do whatever you want to do and see where your heart takes you. Aim High, Fly High, if you fall, we’ll be ready with the net below.

We’re the wind beneath your wings sister! I love you… We love you! You rock!!!  🙂


Don’t get married yet Ok? Nah. Just kidding. Do whatever… LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE! 🙂

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