Die in Diet.

Day 21 –> 20 Me!


Well, this is pre-made but get over it…. now!


Seriously, I’ve long thought about dieting… I’ve thought about it … and thought some more… and I just can’t do it!!!

I just love eating so much that I can’t give up on it… especially since I’m learning how to improve on my cooking skills. 🙂


I know it’s a sin.


When I’m not that hungry yet I eat more than I could handle when kids in the street are having deep breaths again for dinner.


I’m gonna try it then. A challenge it is!

But the problem is… how can I start when I don’t even know where to begin?

Do I just stop eating food? Do the water therapy? Be vegetarian?? — nah! I don’t consider myself as neither a goat nor any kind of animal eating grass. Haha.. sorry, I really don’t like vegetables… but if it’s the only way… well, I just have to find another way. 🙂


What I’m trying to say is… I’m going to discard my glutton and greedy self. 🙂

But before that… look at this.



And by the way, if he’d be able to read this… Happy Birthday to one of my team mate, wave mate and trusted friend, Kuya Marvin! 🙂 You’re too old bro! 🙂

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