Monday can’t come sooner!

Day 21 –> 20 Me!


I know a lot of people are waiting for the weekend to finally chill and relax at home… but for those persons like me who have work EVEN during weekends, I’m waiting for Monday.


Cos it’s PAYDAY MONDAY!!! Yeah!


And, Tuesday is my restday or off from work so, I can chill after my shift on Monday.

Actually, my team mates are asking me to join them. They’re gonna drink, eat and watch some movie… sounds great so… of course, needless to say, I agreed.


And now, I’m worried.

What to wear?

I just got off from work so I’m most probably be wearing formal clothes… but it’s the mall, should I bring extra pants and shirt to be more comfortable? I guess.

What to eat?

Well, I’ll starve myself the night before cos I think my team mates are planning to eat on an eat all you can restaurant… and I’m not planning to stop them. Even if, I’m living in an already tight budget. 🙂

What to watch?

Well, I haven’t decided on that yet. I want to join the decision making too but I haven’t actually been to the movies since Ice Age 4… and I really wasn’t paying attention to any other upcoming or currently shown films in the cinema… I’m regretting that now… Perhaps I should start browsing.

How about these?

Dark Knight Rises



Eight years after the death of District Attorney Harvey (“Two-Face”) Dent, and the Joker’s catastrophic scheme. Gotham was left in near shambles after Batman accepted full responsibility of the murders committed by Dent, prompting the citizens and police force of Gotham to condemn and capture the Batman. However, in the years following the Caped Crusader’s absence, Gotham City is experiencing a time of peace thanks to Harvey Dent’s inspiration and reputation. In the midst of Gotham, a new threat has risen and plans to destroy and exploit Gotham and taint the good name of Harvey Dent’s memory. As a warning, Selina Kyle warns Bruce Wayne of this threat as she takes on her alter-ego called, Catwoman and waits for the Batman to return. As the police force is in escalation and has failed on capturing this new terrorist, they too seek that Batman must return to stop him. Bruce Wayne must once again take on the guise of the Batman as he confronts his most powerful and dangerous new adversary: the enigmatic, brutally strong, and equally intelligent, Bane.

There are good feedbacks from this movie…

If not, then what about this…

The Amazing Spider-Man



Typical teenager Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) embraces his incredible destiny after uncovering one of his father’s most carefully guarded secrets as Columbia Pictures reboots the Spider-Man franchise.

but I like the old Spiderman…

But seriously… knowing my team mates.. they’re probably gonna make me watch this…

Dark Floors



While in the hospital for a tomography of the brain of his autistic daughter Sarah, Ben becomes upset when there is a power failure. He decides to leave the hospital with Sarah, while the nurse Emily tries to convince him to leave Sarah for further treatment. They get the elevator with three other passengers, and suddenly the elevator stops; when the door opens, people has vanished from the hospital, the environment is creepy and they are chased by devilish monsters. They find that they are trapped in the hospital, and the creatures seem to be hunting Sarah.


I can’t even watch the friggin trailer for crying out loud!!!!



Well, whatever! I’ll just deal with it when the time arrives … and don’t they blame me if I walk out of the cinema crying if we did end up watching Dark Floors.


By the way, my post for tomorrow and on Saturday will be premade… cos I’ll be in my hometown. 🙂 If I can access the internet… I will not post that pre made one. Ok? See ya! 😀


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