Nothing’s fine I’m TORN!

Day 17 –> 20 me!


Well, today’s events settles it. I am easily jealous and I am jealous of my workmate!!

Damn her! Why is she so close to him? Why did she sit where he sat? Why did he ask him to do her job for her???


And why did he let it????

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa…. I’m hating this.

Tomorrow will be another eventful day for the Filipinos since it’s another State of the Nation Address by the President of the Republic of the Philippines…

Sorry, I have lost track of time.

And here I was worrying about my love life! Good luck with that!



Tomorrow, I’m gonna ignore him. (As if I could)

I’ll post about SONA tomorrow… I swear!


sorry, really.. he just… occupies my mind waaaaaaaaaaaay too often and it’s more than I could handle. To think I’m actually jealous of a girl who is in a relationship with another girl… ha.. I’m crazy.


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