And since I’m not the TREND.


Day 14 –> 20 Me!


I just checked my twitter account… and right now, #15ThingsGirlsHate is trending.

check this out…


I personally think that it is fitting to trend… these kinds of topic. Instead of Justin Bieber and other Hollywood or local celebs.

People — especially guys, should care more about girls, because we’re the emotionally-showy kind of persons. For the guys, if you stay quiet during fights , you will find that there is no reason for us to be mad and we just badly need a hug.



Now, I will post my own version of 15 things girls hate. I think:


1. After getting home from a date, finding there’s no food on the fridge

2- 15 Repeat #1

😀 sorry. I’m too lazy for lists. 😀 but we all agree to it. 😀


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