To the BRIM!

Day 13 –> 20 Me!

From now on, this is how it’ll be tagged. 🙂


Now, about my post, to the brim.

Why you ask?

Well, it’s cos of human expressions about reaching a limit — where you can’t handle any more of anything.

Lies, for example.

We hear it often in girls breaking up with guys.

In the movies and in real life.

“I am tired of this” or “I’m tired of your lies” or simply “I’m full of this” are the most common expressions.

It’s where you can’t handle anything anymore.


In the Philippines, one of the largest campaigns that has gone FAR TOO LONG is the Reproductive Health Bill or the Responsible Parenthood Act.

Half my blogs are probably about this topic as well.

Just this morning, I’ve read in the morning tabloid that the RH Bill is doomed for death.

The reason?

Well, it’s because of there’s no time for it anymore.

As early as December this year, most of the politicians will be busy with their campaigns to run for the next election where, if this did not end before then, we’ll hear another promise that it will soon.

So, someone from the House of Representatives (If I’m not so mistaken) asked for a quorum on this matter. If it did not meet the quorum, then, in the red queen’s expression from Alice in Wonderland, “Off with your head!” — in this case, the RH Bill.



There are a lot of Good Points in this bill. I hope they would read it and really really TRY to Understand it.

They are serving the people and the people wants this!

Why are they feeding us with lies that involves our religion.

This has nothing to do with religion! NOTHING!

Really, this is a problem that would loom us till we die of it everyday.

MATERNAL problems, CHILD problems, and don’t they know that if a problem involves human, then this is a REALLY BIG PROBLEM?


This won’t probably be the last time that I’d ask my dear readers to please… please read the bill. Before you tell your opinion. 🙂 KERI??

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