Day 12 –> 20 Me!


Seriously. I’m sorry.

I’m currently in Day 12 and there’s still nothing happening exciting with my life.

Well, as they say, nothing you want will GO to you, you have to get it for yourself.




And that’s what I’m planning to do tomorrow.


They say 13 is an unlucky number. Let me change that.
That’s who I am. When I don’t like something, I change it according to my preference. But that only applies to thing I can actually change. I don’t mean people or their emotions and expressions… just, how things are.


For sometime now — I mean, when class started, I have been looking at this guy. Well, he’s cute, but not attractive enough to tempt me. But, you see, he made me realize something. It’s that, although I am happy being free and single, I could be happier.

Well, I don’t think I’m about to fall in love sometime in the near future, it’s just, THAT I’m worried about. I’m not falling in love.

If you must know, these are my preferences:

1. Mustn’t be 2 yrs older than me

2. Mustn’t be younger than me.

3. Must be taller than me but not too tall that the top of my head is the tip of his shoulders.


4. Must be random. *Can be dragged around the country or the world with no questions, Can pack and unpack the luggage within 5 mins or less, must always be ready with camera, alcohol, band aid and FOOD — lots of it and last, MUST LIKE PANDAS!

1-3 can be disregarded if you are Mr. Number 4. 🙂


Actually, sometimes, even I doubt the existence of Mr. Number 4 but, just when I was about to give up, every time, I  change my mind. I just stick with my Mr. Number 4 anyway.

Besides, I think preferences are lots of bull and shit anyway.



If I like someone, I just like him or her whatever his gender orientation might be… I don’t easily give up you see. You just wait Panda Man, I will find you… and if I do, you have to be holding a pizza and welcoming me home! 🙂 hehe

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