Day 10 –> 20 Me!

Our team building officially ended around 11:30pm last night. When we alighted the bus in Pasay and went home separately.


Let me tell you, it wasn’t just fun while it lasted. Because, just reminiscing what happened is still fun.

Now, more than ever, I can say, I LOVE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE MY TEAM MATES. 😀


Let me show you what I mean. 🙂

You see that beautiful sunset? You can only see it once and that’s when I saw it… with my team mates. Why just once? Not different from any sunset you say? Well, it’s because, I watched it with THEM. It was the happiest I’ve been this year. And I’m very grateful to them. So far, my team mates are my blessing. 🙂

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