DAy 6 –> 20 ME!

(A legend’s death)

Last night, someone who was considered the Philippines’s Comedy King died. And now, the Filipinos are at a loss.

I only knew him when he’s already aged and retiring and I only watched a few of his many movies… I wish I appreciated him more.

I guess when the one who makes you laugh leave, it’s not easy to get over.

My professor in psychology once told me that when we were born, all the angels in the sky are crying because their angel friend has gone somewhere they cannot follow easily, while we in the human world, celebrate. So, if a person dies here, the angels are happy and rejoicing.

No regrets.

The king of comedy did not die. He just took off from his body to feel lighter. We always remember him. We still laugh at his jokes.

A person only dies when the people forgot about him. And someone as epic and as legendary as him, will be remembered by generations by generations — even those who did not know him yet.

RIP Mr. Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon Sr.

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr.OGH, (July 25, 1928 – July 10, 2012) known by his screen name Dolphy, was a Filipino comedianactor in the Philippines. He was widely regarded as the Philippines’ “King of Comedy” for his comedic talent embodied by his long roster of works on stage, radio, television and movies.

(Learn more about him here.)

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