Day 5 –> 20 Me!

Okay. Sorry for my crappy, unprepared, not thought through post these past few days.

I didn’t have much time you see. Whenever I post that blog post I just got home from work (plus overtime) so I’m really tired
and thus needed rest.

At the office I barely get enough sleep. At home, I have to go over my subject and plan for the next day.

The Organized me.

I definitely can see that I’ve changed.
These past few months, instead of growing up, I’d say that I’ve matured — a lot. Even though I still act childish in front
of my loved ones and workmates, I can still say that I’ve matured and can finally say that I am ACTING MY AGE.

A real person with real problems. I work, I study, I fall in love, I fall out of love, got angry, threw a tantrum, played,
acted childishly, act stupidly (a lot), ate alone, lived alone — in short, I’ve let a normal, boring life.

Yes, living a NORMAL life, is boring.

I wanted adventure. I want to live random. But, situations tell me that I have to be practical.

A person who works should live by the rules of practicality. It is an unsaid and unwritten rule of life.

Now that I’m living alone (because my work schedule is not really compromising with my neighborhood environment, I had to relocate
and change houses — I am currently living in my second dormitory.) I learned that being organized and getting things done
ahead of schedule can be such a treat.

Because now, I’d give anything for anything extra.

*Extra hours of sleep
*Extra food

This is my new routine.

While when I’m at work, I go to the washroom first to freshen up, go to my locker, get my headset, put my bag and stuffs in the locker,
go to my station, turn the pc on, plug in my headsets and socialize with my friends. After that, I work like a machine for 9 1/2 hours plus 2 hours
overtime then, go home.

Now, whenever I arrive home, I go to my room and open the lights, lock the door, turn the fan on, change clothes, check my clothes
for tomorrow (wash clothes if I have to wear them the day after), read my book, check phone battery, check alarm clock for tomorrow,
turn off the lights and go to bed.

I do this everyday.

More work and no play. Is that supposed to be a life of a 20 year old? Well, in cases like mine, the answer must be… a DEFINITE YES.

Things that I’ve learned so far:

1. If you like something with all your heart, you’ll do EVERYTHING to get it or make it happen.
2. Smiling at a random person can actually be a start of a beautiful camaraderie.
3. Initiating a conversation first with a friend from the past but you don’t remember what went wrong and you fell apart with him/her is not you
losing your pride, it’s you setting aside unnecessary things and feelings for something important.
4. 10% battery won’t last the whole night and the following day — charge it.
5. If you left a cockroach suddenly fell from somewhere and does not move, it is not a guarantee that it’s dead. Smack it one more time!
6. Don’t complain.
7. Just try and get some sleep.
8. Smile. It does wonders for the body.
9. Reading a book while laying down is a wrong move, you’ll fall asleep faster.
10.Don’t try and remember every word from the book — you wouldn’t be able to anyway. As long as you understood what it says, it’s fine.
But then again, that’s what I did last semester and that didn’t turn out the way I planned, did it?

Out of the 10 I’ve listed, number 6 is probably the most overused action I do. I become a “YES” person in front of everyone which is
totally opposite to my personality.

Everything is not a good sign.

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