DAY 2. ==> 20 me.

This is Day 2 of my age as 20 years old.

I want to start this post… I’m hoping to end this blog roll on July 5th next year. This will be my goal.

Everyday, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned for the day.

Starting NOW!


Yesterday’s event made me realize that I have LOTS of people who believe in me and my ability. It turns out that I made a lot of friends when I’m not even trying. 🙂


For those who don’t know. Yesterday, I celebrated my 20th birthday (well, you know that part) but unfortunately, I have a schedule in my job yesterday and I was so pissed at everyone.

At first, my team mates thought that I was having a fit cos I keep pacing the production floor during my free time and kept looking sulky up until lunchtime cos no one has greeted me yet… that’s what they thought.

I was mad and sad because my birthday is also the death anniversary of my grandfather (one of the reasons why I don’t like to be too happy on my birthday) and I’m supposed to go to church — and I badly need to go to church because of the recent events about my school and work and family, and I wanted to celebrate the day with my family.

When my lunchtime had come, one of my team mates told me to go to the pantry to eat their left overs (Since I’m so dumb to have forgotten my wallet on a day that it’s supposed to be MY TREAT) everyone persuaded me to go and I DON’T like being persuaded!

I went to the pantry anyways since I was afraid then that they’d all stand up to push me out of the production floor. I ate. I was happy for a while then I sulked again remembering that it’s supposed to be my day and I’m eating left overs.

When I returned to my station, it all made sense. There was a letter in my computer monitor and attached to it are several sticky notes all wishing me a happy birthday. And that’s when I knew, that I had them all along.

I am not the type of person who gets close to everyone. I choose my company. But, it turns out, without even trying, I tamed them as well. And, as the fox from the little prince book said, I am responsible for what I have tamed. 🙂

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