Another angel on the loose! :)

In this blog post, I would congratulate my classmate Meljean Del Rosario-Lumabi who just gave birth to her son, Shal Dray Delfin Khan Del Rosario-Lumabi.


It came as a shock for our class when we found out that some of our classmates were pregnant. Not because they were too young, but because they were our least suspected people who would get pregnant this fast.

All in all, I have supposedly three classmates who were pregnant. Two of them still enrolled for second semester while the other one stopped schooling. One of them, Meljean, gave birth to her son a month early. (My two classmates were to give birth this month of February) Luckily, she didn’t give birth in our classroom or we would have panicked and our other pregnant classmate could have been as stressed and give birth right then and there as well. Haha.

I’ll tell you this now.

When I first found out about my classmate getting pregnant, I never hesitated to congratulate her and assure her that everything’s gonna be fine. But aside from that, I also asked her about her future plans. Does she plan to get married? How did their parents take the news? How did her partner take the news? and most importantly, What will be the child’s name? (The last one became a debate in our page)

And that didn’t end there…

You wish it ended there… haha.

Yep, that’s the end of our debate. Unfortunately, even after this brainstorming… when our classmate gave birth she was so tired that they decided to let her husband decide for the baby’s name.

Shal Dray- is the kid from Karate Kid (It’s what Jackie Chan calls Jaden Smith in the movie)

Delfin- was the name of her husbands grandfather (That is sooo Filipino like. Naming their kid after someone in their family… passing names like it’s an heirloom or something.)

Khan- taken from Genghis Khan’s name. The born Temujin and occasionally known by his temple name Taizu (太祖), was the founder and Great Khan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which became the largestcontiguous empire in history after his death. Khan means commander, leader, or ruler. It is mostly used by leaders of Islamic groups.

In conclusion…

I may have already said a lot. But I guess that wasn’t enough for some to realize why I am blogging about this.

First of all, I am so proud of my classmate because she is now a mother to a child. She gave birth and she has a family.

Second, I feel kinda sorry for the kid. For when he grows up and it’s time to take the exam, just writing his name would take up at least 2 minutes. Haha. That is our inside joke in our classroom nowadays.

Third, I am happy because this made me realize that my classmates were not closed-minded individuals and that we are really looking out for each other especially during troubled times.

Fourth, this also made me realize that parents will be parents. And that giving birth to a child doesn’t make you a mother or a father instantly. It’s when you take time to love the child, get acquainted to him, nurture him, take care of him that you will really be a parent.

Fifth, some might think that you are a bad egg or just another trash in the society if you became pregnant and gave birth at such a young age. But I guess, when you know that SOME people will back you up against those people… you wouldn’t really notice them.

Sixth, I am happy to be young. 🙂

Seventh, I really am soooo very proud and happy for their new family. From then on till forever, I will always pray for the odds to be in their favor. And that baby, God bless that child, when we thought we almost lost him because of his blood problem, we were really worried and depressed the whole time.
We were actually looking out for the child from the moment we discovered that he was there… inside his mother’s womb.


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