[Personal] Last day of work?!

There is strenght in numbers.

Last monday, we had our assessment in training. We were required to get at least 6.0 in speed (1 being the highest) and at least 95 percent in accuracy. In my job, we are to type audio recordings in verbatim so accuracy is definitely needed.

In that particular assessment, we all managed to pass our speed test with exceeding expectations from our instructors. Unfortunately, for our accuracy, only one passed. Here comes the part of strenght in numbers. Well, knowing that most of us failed the training (it’s supposed to be a cheerioh forever if you fail) our trainors decided to lower the accuracy test to 85 percent. Which of course, passed us all. We are all, of course, delighted by the fact we can all stay together until friday (that’s today) because today, we will have our final assessment. And it seems, that this time, we won’t be aslucky as we have been last Monday.

A few hours ago, after we got dismissed for the day by our trainors, I have received a message from one of our co-trainees that we should all wear BLACK tops tomorrow. Of course, I approved of this. I texted my other co-trainees regarding this and they replied for their approval. Although, this really might not work.

You see, I have studied in Organizational Behavior  (One of my major subjects in college) and it made me realize that people have Individual differences and Whole person characteristics that we have to consider. I am a very keen observer and from what I have noticed for this past two weeks is that, I can probably convince some of them, but not all of them. For example, later today we shall all go to work dressed “supposedly” in black tops. We are 39 trainees and I would already be happy if at least half of us would show up in the dress code. Why would I be happy with just a few? Because, those few know the definition of unity and strenght in numbers. For those who haven’t followed, I can assume that they are individualist who prefer to work on their own (Except if they claim that they haven’t received any messages regarding that which would make me pity them.).

I for one, believe that there is strenght in numbers. If, ALL of us shows up there in black tops, then the trainors and the client would at least be taken aback and realize that that is how strong our bond has become over the 2 week training and that that represents that we are all there for each other. Unfortunately, like I said, I don’t believe that EVERYONE will do it. There will always be those few people who would doubt like I do and change the color of their shirt for tomorrow and risk standing out in our crowd or joining us.

As for me, I really will wear a black top tomorrow. Although, very poorly expressed and have yet to have a meaning to the whole group, I believe that this is our small protest. Our action. We have withstand training with no holiday pay and no overtime pay either together — we can withstand the last test together as well. If anyone shall fail tomorrow, it’ll be a group loss.

Honestly, I think it would probably be best if I would be the one to fail tomorrow instead of my team mates. Why? Because I think they need the work more than I do. They have families to feed and more responsibilities than I have. I don’t know if they’re feeling the same as I am though. But really, if anyone shall fail tomorrow, my heart would really break.

I shall give you updates on Saturday regarding what would happen. If I passed, If I failed, if anyone of us failed, how do I feel and of course, a commemorative photo on who and how many will wear black tops later. 🙂


*Sorry for the misspelling. I made this picture with my eyes and sanity half closed so… yeah… sorry. 🙂 (I made this 4 hours ago after I got off from work.)

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