I’m the type of person that is very punctual since I believe that it is respecting other people’s time. Therefore, I almost never get late. Except today.

I like challenges. Remember when I challenged myself to blog for 15 days? Well, that turned out to be a considerable-success-and-failure. My last few notes of 2011 is to make a 365 day challenge for myself — to blog about anything everyday for the rest of the year with only my birthday as rest day (since 2012 consists of 366 days). Obviously, since today is January 3rd, I can’t possibly do that now even if I change my rest day to New Year. Although, I have thought of time differences and how in some countries and time zones it is still January 2nd, I can’t lie to myself. So, instead of doing a 365 day challenge, I have decided to just blog from Monday-Friday for the rest of the year. And to compensate for losing my yesterday, I’ll post two blogs today. 🙂 That sounds fair enough right?

Reasons stated:

Well, you have to hear my reasons. Don’t jump into conclusions all by yourself, because that is harder and your conclusions are wrong — most of the time.

1. I was pre-occupied by the holiday season. (We keep travelling from place to place and that stopped me from posting my draft blog posts for the rest of the year.)

2. Wherever I go there was no internet connection.

3. It’s vacation time!!! I deserve a break! 🙂 Just Kidding, my mind seldom takes a break. And on the occasion that it does… I really can’t answer any questions or think about anything.

Now, my only problem now is organizing my thoughts. I have too many things to blog about that I can’t make up my mind on which blog will be published first. To tell you honestly, I have 30+ drafts or unpublished blog post in my blog. I guess I don’t think that it’s time for those blog posts to be published yet. 🙂

I’ll finish this blog post here.

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