Okay. So on Day 3 of Year 2012, I’m bored out of my mind. While typing this blog post, I just finished helping in my mom’s office packing kits. Even though that seemed endless (that ended too early to my disappointment) it helped me take my mind off things like what I was  thinking earlier.

Anyone who know me knows my schedule. I attend school every Saturday and I’m free for the rest of the week. Although I’m looking for a job, the job seems to be avoiding me. LOL. So, for today, I’m going to tell you the list of the things I did while I’m not reading, writing a blog, sleeping or looking for a job to kill time. (Most of those things I’ve found in a website called Bored.com)

1. Make sure you’re bored. (Everyday I ask myself, “Are you sure that you have nothing to do?” If my answer is cleaning the room — then the answer is yes.)

2. Annoy total strangers. (I always do this wherever I go. One time, when I was in the mall with my friends, I keep asking the same strangers about the time. One of those strangers actually ran away from me — my friends and I laughed. **BTW, I did that as a dare.)

3. When it’s totally sunny, I go to rainymood.com , listen to Yiruma’s River Flows in You, look out of the window and go on a sentimental mode. (I still do this whenever it’s sunny.)

4. When I’m feeling so tired, I go to jellotime.com and just kill time with that jello.

5. I turn on the television, tune in to the music channel and play air guitar until I’m tired and ready for my…

6. 2 hour nap time. (Sleeping is a good way to kill time.)

7. When I’m writing and nothing is coming in my mind, I chew on the pen caps. 🙂 (yeah, I do that.)

8. When I can’t take the filth of our room, I clean. 🙂

9. Once, I dyed my hair green.

10. Confess to a crime…that didn’t happen. (My dad is usually the victim for this. Whenever he asks me to do something and I finish it, I tell him I haven’t finished it yet until he finds out for himself that I actually did.)

I’ve listed ten since I’m out of time. Tomorrow, I’ll probably have more time to think about what I did or will do in the future. 🙂


–Logging off for now.

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