Before I even noticed, October is coming to an end. I wouldn’t want October to pass without a single blog so, here goes.

In the Philippines, most colleges only have two semesters per school year – including our school. October is end of first semester and that would mean – for us college students, cramming for finals exams, passing of final requirements – and to graduating students such as myself, this is also the time to tell your class advisers your goals in life so they can help you achieve it.

You see, I’m very open about my goals – actually, I’m open to anything about myself. If someone wants to get to know me, you only need to ask. I’m like that in everything. I always get straight to the point to save time and get the facts correctly. I don’t dawdle like most people. Most people find that attitude of mine as offensive, I don’t mind that. Because, I’m not also the type of person who cares what others might think of me – I used to before, and being the emotionally challenged person that I think I am, I used to hate myself and cry over that matter before, but not anymore. Lastly, I’m not the type of person who does things half-heartedly. I will do whatever my mind tells me to do. It’s a challenge nowadays considering that being a youth that I am, I change my mind ever so often.

Back to my story…

When my professor asked me what I wanted to become a few years back, I told her that my first goal was to become a children’s book writer. My professor asked me why and I told her, “I want to make kids smile – if not altogether happy with my stories.” She asked me as to why I didn’t pursue that goal and I told her, “I don’t know, it didn’t happen.”

Then she asked me, “Why did you choose this course then?” (Office Administration Major in Legal Transcription) I told her, “I considered my health at the time.” Because, I was still recovering from Rheumatic Heart Fever that time and office job is the perfect job for me. No running, no too much expression whatsoever (I was told not to be too happy nor too sad or too angry when I still had RHF).

My thoughts that time was, “I don’t think this is getting us anywhere. I have to get to my next class before the bell rings to do my homework, (which I obviously don’t do at home.)” Then she said, “In this course, you can choose between three majors you can pursue. Corporate Transcription, Medical Transcription and Legal Transcription,” then she explained each major to me distinctively. I seriously considered each.

If I chose Corporate Transcription, I have to do more classes on management and the highest position I can attain is being an executive secretary. I don’t want to hurt anyone by saying, I don’t want to serve and keep secrets for just one person. I want to serve as many people as possible (I think this is also where I got the idea from when I was a kid, I wanted to be a waitress in a fast food chain because, other than the free food, I will be able to talk to many people and serve them with a smile.)

I also considered becoming a Medical Transcriptionist because my mother works in the medical field and since here in the Philippines, Medical Transcriptionist are getting hired not only by transcription companies but by hospitals. I also realized that this is a good way to have a reason to talk to my mother and seek her advice on things that I doubted before that I can do comfortably like today. Being a Medical Transcription doesn’t sound bad until I realized that I almost failed my High School subjects in science almost every term and my College Biology. I thought, if I studied Medical Transcription, I will only embarrass myself more in front of my parents if always get “almost-passing” grades in every subject. I think science and I have mutual misunderstandings against each other.

So, I decided, why not try to be Legal Transcriptionist? It opens an opportunity for me in the legal world. I always thought that I have a good understanding of justice. My parents, sisters, aunts, uncles – almost everyone in my family are human rights advocate so, why not try pursuing something related to Law? I did enjoy all of my previous Law subjects so, why not try it?

I am pursuing Legal Transcriptionist up to this day. I am to graduate on March 2012. After that, I want to put up my own Transcription company to create jobs for past, present and future transcription graduates who are having a bad time (according to my research in my 3rd year in college) to find jobs. Also, I want to pursue a Law degree after graduation so I can become a full-pledged lawyer. I want to be a Human Rights lawyer so that I can help the victims that I keep reading on the papers every day.

Nowadays, good news is very hard to find and if you find one, you will think it to be nonsensical since it does not have any connection to the bad news. What I mean to say is, bad news means, a rise in criminal acts involving youths and good news means, Willie Revillame will have more shows and is giving out more millions to the very poor public. I don’t have anything against Willie Revillame though, It think he really wants to help, but he has a bad way of showing it. I really don’t have anything against him, it’s just that I don’t find his shows very interesting since he thinks dancing women wearing less and giving out thousands to people for nothing and for a sob story is entertainment.

Willie Revillame and Bigtime Girls

I just think that everyone has a sob story, it’s just that some people have learned by their experience and changed their life. There was a saying that the only way you can help a person is to help them help themselves. You can give a fish for a person to eat today – but what will be of him when the fish is gone? Hunger will strike him again. So, it’s better to teach her how to fish and let him manage his life. Who knows, the next time you’ll meet this person, he will have his own fishery and his own restaurant where he sells not only fish but other sea foods as well. Isn’t that a better image of tomorrow than hunger?

Also, people who did not earn the money they hold tend to spend it more on leisure. They don’t think that that money matter as much as the money they earn. Also, people would think that if it is this easy to earn a months’ worth of work, they’d just have to think of another sob story, practice and know by heart Willie’s songs and dance steps and hope that they’d get chosen again in the future. It’s a gamble, a very bad gamble, but Filipinos have also copied this bad trait to gamble and wish for luck instead of sticking to our own culture and be the creative and productive persons every nation can see except us. Why do you think that everywhere you go you will see a Filipino? Why do you think that we are 2nd in best outsourcing site in the world? It’s because we get things done. And, being the “we’re always glad to help” kind of people, we do most of our jobs with heart and almost FREE (which is bad for us because we are being used but good for them since they can save.)

What I really want to say is, I am studying in a public school ever since I can remember and after I graduate, I’ll be sure to pay them back. The people who have worked hard to pay their taxes which enabled me to continue studying and I will fight in their stead against the people who have caused them harm and abused them.

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