[PALEA] Betamax! (Countdown to September 30 Blog. Day 7, Week 2)

(My blog post for the next following days is going to be about PALEA. This is my way to show how I, as a normal blogger and teenager support their struggle.)

(My second week blog is all about all forms of media. And the second form is… VIDEOS.)

I’ve screened and selected 3 videos which I feel would be appropriate for this blog post. Here are those.

The PALEA prayer rally that was held 4 days ago. According to them, PAL is already training their replacements. In one of their organized mass, the electricity was shut off. This is obviously a sign of repression.

PALEA family day… This is one of the most compelling thing I have ever watched. This might look like a simple video but if you can feel the life, the young advocacy and the future of the sons and daughters of the 2,600 workers., then you know, this is not just kids playing around with crayons.

Some adults say that it’s cheating, to use kids… because the kids don’t exactly know what they’re doing and it’s impact on them… the adults, I beg to differ. The kids might not exactly know what their doing, but the kids can feel what their parents are feeling.


I found this video quite disturbing and included it in this blog post. Yes, most of their compliments are true… although, I am not sure if what their offering is the job I want to have. Only a few more months away from graduating college and me and my classmates are in panic. Everyone is looking for job, most of them got into call-center type of jobs (which I don’t think is bad only if it could last till after graduation.)

There is no sense to go looking for a job now, it won’t last until after graduation. In one of my conversations with my classmate (who is working), he told me that he’s only working today to save money so that he would still have money if ever he wouldn’t have a job after graduation.

We, have to put extra effort in studying. In school, we were thought on how to look and our best only to become bums? The marketing students today are the future call-center agents. The engineering students today are the future call-center agents. The college drop-outs are the future call-center agents. And all high school undergrads are for fast food chains? WE DON’T WANT THIS FUTURE!


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