(My blog post for the next following days is going to be about PALEA. This is my way to show how I, as a normal blogger and teenager support their struggle.)

As I have said in my previous blog, This week, I’m going to post all of the fast facts that I have collected.Now, in this 5th blog, I have to make a conclusion.

I have told you before, the number of employees that will be laid-off their jobs is 2,600. Of course, if you think about MILLIONS of Filipinos that can be found worldwide, this is a small number. But, if you broaden your mind… This number… is no small number.

2,600 workers x 5 (average normal family number) = 13,000 people, still think that’s a small number? then add all the youths today and all the children of the future and their children and the children of their children and so on… not so little anymore huh?

I am thinking of a very lame question and its this, Why did I include the youth of this generation and the future generation? Why did I say that’s lame? Well, the answer is pretty obvious, that’s why! The history affects our future. For example, if the first person who ate the apple didn’t… then we are not eating apples now.

Another example, if the youths today let go of this PALEA issue, that means we are unconsciously agreeing to contractualization in this country. Which means, if the other companies decide to contractualize their regular employees as well, we cannot argue about it because they can use this PALEA case as a reference.

In the future, when our kids grow up, they’ll ask us why is it that we are only working for 6 months in a job and 6 months again on the next (always a different job) and not having a permanent job… and we’ll tell them, “it was in our time when they decided to legalize contractualization. Before, we are able to become regular employees and stay in only one job.” Can you think of an answer to the follow up question, which is… What did you do during that time? and the heartbreaking answer to tell is… “Nothing. I just let it all happen.”

The thing is, we youths have today! Why don’t we do what we can to help them? We are young, we have the energy to go out and speak our minds, WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Let’s not regret later.


To whom it may concern,

There are only 98 days left before Christmas… are you seriously going to be the Grinch for this 2,600 families + all the youths + all the unemployed graduates? Do some action, for the future of this nation.

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