(My blog post for the next following days is going to be about PALEA. This is my way to show how I, as a normal blogger and teenager support their struggle.)

(In this 4th blog post I’m going to tell you, what THEY told me they knew!)

Well, by this time, I think you’ve figured out what my blog for the 1st week for PALEA is… yes, it’s all about FACTS. Day 1, I’ve told you about their history, Day 2, I’ve told you about what I knew about the issue, Day 3, I’ve told you what the actual issue is… and Day 4, today, I’m going to tell you what the “other” people told me about PALEA.

You see, I felt lonely during this past few days… Especially in fact finding… I kept texting almost all the numbers of the people I knew could give me at least fast facts… (they told me enough) Anyway, I figured, I was the only youth doing this… I looked at my friends’ facebook, tumblr, twitter and other networking site pages and all that I found (to my disappointment) vanity… (But I don’t blame them though. I am guilty of vanity myself anyway.)

Of course, I have some friends who actually care about the society… although, they’re not THAT young anymore… but, they’re still okay. It seemed to me like they were the only ones who care… and so, I decided to involve anyone I knew. 🙂

I went to my High School Facebook Group (Yes! we have a group, it is named after our section in High School.) and posted a question that went like… and they’re reactions we’re all like:

Well, that’s the truth… A lot of people knows about — wait… let me take that back, let’s just say, a lot of people SHOULD know and SHOULD care about PALEA’s issue… but, the truth is, we don’t even have time for that.

We are too busy admiring ourselves, clicking away our worries and typing all of our emotions in less than 250 characters. That — or working 23 hours a day (the one hour is alloted for the primetime telenovelas of course!) that we don’t have time to be critical.

To cut the story short. I made them read my blogs and flooded our facebook group with a lot of things about PALEA… most of them clicked the 

but I’m not so sure if they’ve read the articles. Anyway, as of today, I can talk to them more about what I know and what I’ve been learning about the struggles of PALEA. And honestly, I’m getting a better feed back than the above mentioned.

I am doing what I’m doing because there is a need for it… If there is none, why waste my youth? I can hang out with my friends like a normal teenager would do, get drunk, get embarrassed, PLANK! A lot of stuffs… but I chose not to do them… I chose to do this instead… why? Because I care.. I care for those who will be affected… The workers, their families, the youths, the FUTURE GENERATION! And I think you should too…

The thing is, this is our fight as well… I personally think that PALEA is fighting… not only for their rights but for our rights as well.

Before I retire to my bed, I shall leave you with a quote from “Spongebob v. Squidward”

Squidward: Why are you doing that now when you can do it tomorrow?

Spongebob: Because today, is YESTERDAY’s tomorrow!

(who says we don’t learn anything from the cartoons?)




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