(My blog post for the next following days is going to be about the PALEA, this is my way to show how I, as a normal blogger and teenager support their struggle.)

(In this 3rd blog post I’m going to give you, their facts!)

The Title:

What we should know, I remember stating from my previous blog post that almost EVERYONE knows about the issue of the PALEAns. I won’t take those words back, instead, I’d like to add some more ideas to it.

My second blog post for my 15-day blog campaign for PALEA stated the lists of the things that I know. Who are going to be laid off, Why are they going to be laid off, How many are going to be laid off and what will be it’s effect on us — the future generation.

In this post however, I am going to give you the FACTS from the PALEAns themselves. This could be a correction to myself from my previous post or an addition.

This is their official wordpress account. Where, they posted the copy of their petition to the Court of Appeals.
  1. In August 2009, during the period for the negotiation of a new CBA between PAL and PALEA, PAL announced its intention to close several departments of the company (In-Flight Catering operations, Airport Services operations and Call Center Reservation operations) and “outsource” its functions to various service providers.
  2. With PAL’s outsourcing plan, the CBA prohibition will be ignored; more than 2,600 employees will be terminated.
  3. Thirteen out of twenty one PALEA officers will be terminated.
  4.  Only 900 rank and file employees, mostly administrative staff, will remain after the first wave of the mass termination.
  5. There are no sufficient bases for retrenchment.
  6. A close review of the financial statements and disclosures of PAL reveals that its business condition is improving and not deteriorating, thereby negating the necessity for retrenchment.
  7. PAL violates the workers’ RIGHT TO SECURITY OF TENURE by terminating thousands of regular employees
  8. PAL violates the workers’ RIGHT TO SELF-ORGANIZATION through its efforts to bust the union
  9. PAL violates the workers’ RIGHT TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING by refusing to bargain with PALEA for a new CBA.
  10. The Office of the Secretary of Labor and the Office of the President upheld PAL’s mass termination of more than 2,600 regular employees.
**I’ve listed only a few. There are a lot of things to know about PALEA and their struggle.
Let us always remember that PALEAs fight, is not just their fight… it’s EVERYBODY’s fight! It’s a fight for the worker’s today, and the future worker’s of this nation.
As their chant goes, Ang laban ng PALEA ay laban ng Lahat, ang laban ng lahat ay laban ng PALEA.” (PALEA’s fight is Everybody’s fight, Everybody’s fight, is PALEA’s fight.)
**Want to know more about their fight? Visit their blog here on wordpress, or check out their page on Facebook
“It is brave to be a youth in this generation. For you do not know who your enemy is… nor do you care. Although you should, you couldn’t. And that has made all the difference” -mkph

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