(My blog post for the next following days is going to be about the PALEA, this is my way to show how I, as a normal blogger and teenager support their struggle.)

(In this 2nd blog post I’m going to give you, the facts!)

First of all, I would first like to give you the facts that I have collected.

The official logo of PALEA
  1. 2,600 employees will be laid off their jobs on September 30, 2011.
  2. They are not going to be laid off because they have done something wrong on their jobs.
  3. They are not going to be laid off because they keep slacking off of their jobs.
  4. They are going to be laid off for the benefit of the owners of the Philippine Airlines
  5. They are going to be laid off and be transferred from regular employees to contractual employees to save money.
  6. They are going to be laid off to save money on cutting all the benefits and incentives a regular employee receives.
  7. 2,600 families and their extensions will be affected.
  8. The future of the youths and the future generations are at stake because this case can be used as a reference for of the other offices to start contractualization.
  9. In effect of that, the budget allocated for Education for the present and future students that is taken from the taxes of the Filipino workers here and abroad will be worthless since the students will be more encouraged to slack off after finishing high school. Because, having a degree won’t take you far in life, you’ll only need it for half a year then transfer to a “I-didn’t-learn-this-in-school” job.
  10. Last but not the least (this made the youths today feel like we were abandoned by our government), the Philippine President agreed PAL’s plead to lay off it’s workers.
*If I could talk to the president now? I’d ask him, Why are you listening to One person and ignoring the THOUSANDS of people, A MILLION (or probably a BILLION) lives and future?
Mr. President, if you really believe that the youths is the hope of the nation, then why aren’t you seeing the fact that your Youth’s today are trembling in fear of what might happen to our lives in the future?
What’s the use of studying and finishing college as a Suma Cum laude in Engineering, for example, even passing board exams when I’ll only be able to use my knowledge for half a year, then I’ll transfer to a call center before I get another job as an Engineer (and I’m being optimistic about the last part.)
The sleepless nights of studying, the hard-earned money of the working students, everything will be wasted if you continue with this plan.
We, the Youths of the Philippines, is begging you… BEGGING YOU… please, don’t abandon us like this.

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